Sunday, March 3, 2019

Bambi Lynn Brings THE VIKINGS to Medieval Monday

Bambi Lynn guests on Medieval Monday with a look at her exciting Vikings of Normandy. If you're like me, and fascinated with those who settled Normandy, you'll be eager to read Bambi's stories. (I have to admit: I always like Rollo better than his brother--sorry Vikings.)

If you want to catch up on last week's installment of this excerpt, visit Cathy MacRae. And if you're following my excerpts, visit Bambi's blog


BLURB: Five fierce invaders. Five innocent maids. One land to conquer.

When the Viking leader, Rollo, sets his sights on conquering Paris, he sends a band of his fiercest warriors to capture a stronghold to shelter the invaders through the winter. Collect all five episodes in one volume.
GUNNAR - Gunnar Sigurdsen finds an unguarded stronghold at the mouth of the Seine River is the perfect target. Oliana du Fossé waits helplessly for her brute of a husband to claim her.
WULF - Wulf contemplates his share of the spoils after capturing a stronghold in Francia, fat with treasure and slaves. Farin longs to escape her fate as bed slave to the most savage barbarian of them all.
BRON - Brondulf Adilson has struck terror into his enemies for as long as he can remember, as well as the women who share his bed. Now he finds himself saddled with a beauty who may just steal his heart.
THORLEIF - Thorleif Rolvsson has been captured by the enemy. The Queen of the Franks has needs. Will a single night of passion change his fate? Or will he dine with his sons in Valhalla?
MAGNUS - Magnus hasn't the time or motivation to take a wife. Especially not one who will most likely try to slit his throat while he sleeps.

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By the time the knock came on the door, he had made up his mind. He would send her right back. Wulf should never have opened his door to her in the first place, now he would have to live with his mistake.

Bron yanked the door open, prepared to slam it right back in Wulf’s face. But one look at the waif on his stoop sent a spear straight through his heart.


  1. Welcome to you and your Vikings, Bambi. I'm fascinated by those early settlers of Normandy and I can't wait to ready this book!

  2. I can't wait to see what he tells 'the waif.' Love the snippet.