Monday, January 29, 2018

Medieval Monday: Bambi Lynn Launches the Series With Mask of the Highlander

Welcome to the first Medieval Monday event of 2018, and it 
promises to be a lot of fun. Each author has selected her own 
theme. And most will offer a prize at the end of the 14 week period. 
Most will award an ebook. Be sure to check out individual 
authors to see just what each prize will be and what you
 must do to qualify.

To get the series started, I'm so happy to welcome the talented Bambi Lynn with Mask of the Highlander.


Kenna stood rooted to the spot, just inside the door of her husband’s bed chamber. Little had changed. The hearth, cold and dark, gaped like the maw of Satan, large enough to consume any unsuspecting human who ventured too close. The bed to which he had bound her sat against the far wall. The blood-stained linens long since replaced. A trunk, where he kept his instruments of torture, stood at the foot, an ominous reminder of what lay in store for her.

Once she was afraid to touch him. Now she’s afraid to let go.
Forced to marry to avoid war between clans, Kenna Cleary endured three days of her new husband's painful brutality before he rode off to battle the English. In the five years of his absence, she bore him a daughter, increased his holdings, and gained the love and respect of his people. Now he's home. Must she and the clan learn to endure his cruelty once more?

The Laird of Domhnul has returned from war a changed man—moreso than his wife or clan can
possibly know. Now the warrior faces a new battle, one for his wife's heart, and his peoples'
trust. He must walk the knife's edge of deception and danger, while proving he is no longer the
cruel tyrant they came to know all too well.

But when his father embroils both them in a deadly plot, can the couple find a way to prevent
war between the clans?


My Excerpts:
My own first excerpt is on Bambi's blog. I hope you'll get a chance to visit it too. Be sure to leave a comment. At the end of the series, I'll award an ebook of the winner's choice to the individual who comments on the most of my appearances on the other blogs. At some point in the blog tour, I'll announce my theme, and on the last week of the tour, the guest who can tell me what the theme is will also receive a mystery gift.

Monday, January 22, 2018

Medieval Monday to Return Next Week

It's a new year and a new series for Medieval Monday beginning Jan. 29. The feature will return next week with 14 authors of medieval romance.

This first theme will be--a mystery for now. It's author's choice, so each author's post will be feature her individual theme. The themes will be announced at the beginning--or not😊 Some authors might ask readers to follow along and guess her particular focus. It's bound to be fun.

So see you next week. Stay warm and safe!!