Sunday, November 4, 2018

Medieval Monday Returns With Elisabeth Hobbes' A Wager for the Widow

Welcome back to Medieval Monday. If you love exciting tales with dream-worthy heroes and strong heroines, you're definitely in the right place.

For the next eight weeks, you'll see glimpses of both new and favorite books as talented authors tantalize with intriguing excerpts, broken into installments that span the two-month theme of Family Life.

At the end of each post, the location of that author's next installment will help you follow along easily.

Authors are offering giveaways of their books to visitors who comment throughout the eight weeks.

I'm thrilled to welcome my first author in the series, Elisabeth Hobbes, who as you can from her website address below, writes from the UK.

Here's the start of Elisabeth's excerpt from her latest, A WAGER FOR THE WIDOW.


Rob let out an appreciative whistle. ‘Is she as beautiful as ever, and as prickly?’
Will walked to the dais and straightened a couple of goblets, keeping his eyes averted from Rob. Prickly wasn’t how he would describe the way Lady Peyton had felt in his arms. In fact, she had been more appealing than any woman he had encountered in a long while.
‘I don’t remember how beautiful she was before,’ Will answered finally, raising his eyebrows. ‘I haven’t lived here for almost five years and when I left she was not yet a woman grown.’
He tried to keep his voice light as he considered the woman young Eleanor Fitzallan had become, but experience told him Rob would not be easily deceived. Sure enough Rob followed him across the floor, pursing his lips suspiciously. Will poured them both a drink. He raised his cup in salute and drained it in one. It was not as fine as the one he had shared with Sir Edgar, but was at least as potent. A warm feeling began to envelop his head again and the knots in his shoulders eased. He regarded Rob over the lip of his cup and refilled it.

What will Will’s verdict be? Read next week’s excerpt on Cathy MacRae’s blog to find out.

And if you'd like to revisit one of my favorite heroines, Emelin, from SILVERHAWK, you can find her and her nasty brother arguing on Elisabeth's blog:


  1. Welcome, Elisabeth. So glad you're launching the Fall 18 Medieval Monday here on my blog. Your excerpt is a dandy.I love the sound of your new book. All the best.

  2. Wonderful! Looking forward to more!

  3. It'll be an exciting read! Glad you stopped by, Mary.

  4. This is a great excerpt. I can't wait for next week!

  5. Love Medievil Monday. Great blurb!