Thursday, October 4, 2018

Michaelmas and the Welcoming of Autumn

Fall/ Autumn is here. (Well, for many of us, it is.) It ties with Spring as my favorite time of year. Traditionally it signals a time of plenty what with the crops being harvested and the garden about to go dormant.

In Medieval times, this time of year was a mixed blessing--a time of plenty just before and time of cold and dark--and diminishing resources as the winter went on.

On Penned by Candlelight, the blog I share with other Romancing Yesteryear authors, I talk a bit about my Autumn memories--and the Medieval celebration of this time of year--Michaelmas. Originally the feast day fell on Oct. 10 or 11. After the change from Julian to Gregorian calendar, the date changed to Sept. 29.

By the way, Nottingham, England, has celebrated Michalemas with its Goose Fair for the past 700 years! And it's going on right now.

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