Sunday, September 10, 2017

It's First Encounter for the Hero and Heroine from Jenna Jaxon's BETROTHAL

This is Week Six for Medieval Monday's theme of First Encounters. And today I'm happy to welcome my friend Jenna Jaxon with a tantalizing glimpse of BETROTHAL.


Mere seconds before she learned her fate. She could scarce affect an indifferent pose before the court when inside every inch of her quivered with anticipation of the name. His name, pray God, on the king’s lips.
In her mind, she heard the word.
The king straightened, glanced at her then at the man by her side.

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The heart can choose, but can it also change?
Lady Alyse de Courcy has fallen in love with Lord Braeton, a nobleman in King Edward III’s court and a man to whom she has barely spoken. Fate, however, has decreed her betrothal to his best friend, Sir Geoffrey Longford—a handsome and imposing knight, yet hardly the man she wants to wed.
When Sir Geoffrey is bound in betrothal by his father, he could not have expected the beautiful stranger to win his heart the moment they meet. But Alyse’s infatuation with his friend casts doubt on whether she can ever return his regard and their wedding day is fast approaching…  Will he have time enough to win her love?



  1. Welcome, Jenna. This is such an enjoyable book!

  2. This sounds very good

    1. It is, Alison! You'll definitely enjoy it. Thanks for stopping by.