Sunday, August 6, 2017

Bambi Lynn and BRON Initiate a New Medieval Monday Season--With a 'First Meeting' Excerpt

Welcome back to Medieval Monday. Summer break is over, and our expanded group is eager to get back to our fun blog hops, posting each week on colleagues' blogs. The kick-off theme of the new "season" is First Meeting of the Hero and Heroine. Here's how the blog hop works--each author has selected an extensive excerpt from one of her books. The excerpt is divided into installments, which are posted each week. The final installment of each author's excerpt, which will occur on
Week 14, will be hosted on the author's home page.

It's my pleasure to start with the talented Bambi Lynn. Bambi has a terrific Viking novel, Bron, which she will share. So, please, sit back and enjoy this tantalizing taste of Bron.

And don't forget to check each Monday's blog--many authors, including Bambi, are offering a copy of their book to one commenter at the end of the theme hop (First Meeting).

Bron changed his mind. He should never have let Wulf talk him into it, but by the gods—the man could be persuasive. The last thing he needed was a woman underfoot, and now that he had had time to think about it, he recalled the handful of women he had let get close to him over the years. Trouble one and all. It would only be a matter of time before she began to feign headaches, fatigue, her monthly curse.

Follow along next week at Judith Sterling Marshall’s blog. Be sure to comment for a chance to win an e-copy of Bron.


After escaping the brutal tyrant who holds her under his boot, Leda’s newfound hope is shattered
to discover her safe-haven to be nothing more than a den of brutal Norsemen, intent on
conquering all of Francia and claiming its riches for their own. When she is offered as a bed
slave to the fiercest Viking of them all, she despairs to realize freedom comes at a price.

Brondulf Adilson has struck terror into his enemies for as long as he can remember, to include
the women who share his bed. Shunned for his frightful appearance, he doesn’t expect
compliance from his new thrall and is resigned to forcing her to his will.

But the beauty he finds himself saddle with turns out to be anything but meek and compliant.

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  1. Welcome Bambi. Loved the tantalizing snippet of excerpt. Bron sounds like a smashing book! I can't wait to read it! Best of luck

  2. What an outlook this guy has! Great excerpt. Can't wait for more.

  3. I enjoy a Viking tale so I'm happily adding this to my TBR list. Congratulations on Bron's release!
    Karen Over-Gal

    1. Great to have another good Viking story coming. Glad you stopped by, Karen.

  4. LOVED the excerpt, Bambi! I can't wait to read more. Thank you for sharing!

    1. That excerpt made one want to read on, didn't it? Thanks, Lane.

  5. Great excerpt! Congrats on the release!

    1. This glimpse of Bambi's book really piques the interest. Welcome, Alanna!

  6. Bron doesn't seem to have a very good opinion of women. He believes them to be nothing but trouble that feign headaches, fatigue, and their monthly curse. I hope that Leda straightens him out.