Monday, May 1, 2017

Villain Theme Wraps Up With The Lady of the Forest

Today is May Day, a day for celebration. But it's also lucky number 13, because that's the number of the last post in the Medieval Monday Blog-Post Hop featuring the Villain theme. 

I'm especially glad because I get to wrap up my extended excerpt of The lady of the Forest right here at my own place. Here it is.

Mortimer collapsed, but Henry no longer cared. Let Declan and Bernard take care of the rest.

He knelt, focus narrowed to Kate. He folded her against him tenderly, his hand tight around the gash in her arm. Blood oozed between his fingers.

“Dearling,” he whispered. “Open your eyes.” He shook her when she didn’t move. Why didn’t the blood stop? Panic knifing his chest, he shouted, “Kate.”

“Shhhh.” One eye opened halfway. “So tired.”

Giving a rough nudge, Ulah forced herself between them. “Stop the bleedin’, then ye can act the lovesick lad.” 

A strip of cloth bound the old healer’s shoulder, and she moved as if she felt no pain. She caught the direction of his look. “Pah. I’ve hurt meself worse cookin’.”

She grabbed the light wimple from Kate’s hair, folded the square diagonally, and tied it around Kate’s forearm. “She’ll do fer now, but I need to stitch that. Take ’er to ’er bedchamber.”



He must pursue his enemy; she must protect her people. Can their love survive the duties that drive them apart?
When her elderly husband dies, Lady Katherine fakes her own death and disappears into the forest with others escaping the brutish new lord. Determined to protect her people, she knocks the wrong man senseless. But Lord Henry isn't an enemy, he’s the brother of her childhood friend. Although his tender confidence tempts her, she’s bound by duty.
Henry of Chauvere has found the one lady he wants for his own, never mind she’s tied him hand and foot. When he learns the king has ordered her to wed Stonehill’s ruthless new master, he insists Kate seek haven with his sister. But she won’t desert her friends. Henry vows to solve her problem, provided he catches a traitor before the threat from Kate's past catches her.
When a daring rescue compels Henry and Kate to join forces, their attraction grows into love. If only duty didn’t drive them apart.
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