Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Lane McFarland Celebrates Latest Book with Giveaway

I'm so happy to welcome my friend, Lane McFarland today. Lane's latest Scottish Medieval, Elsbeth, is out tomorrow, Oct. 1, and it's a delight. If you haven't read any of her earlier ones, be sure to look them up. 
Hi Lane. So glad you're here.

Thank you so much for having me today, Barb! 

~~I want to celebrate Elsbeth's release with a giveaway of one of my ebooks to someone who leaves a comment~~

Great! Don't forget to comment, everyone. This is a super opportunity.

Tell us a little about you and your books.

I’m a historical romance book junkie. I love to throw my imagination into years gone by, research dark periods of strife and violence, justice and quests for freedom, and dream of what it might have been like to have lived and survived during these hostile periods.

My DAUGHTERS OF ALASTAIR MACDOUGALL series begins in May 1297, a time of unrest between Scotland and England. It has been such fun to research this period and imagine living amongst the clans.

ELSBETH is the fourth and youngest of the daughters, the last book in my series. I’m really excited her story will be released tomorrow, Oct. 1!
Here’s a little about the book…

Elsbeth recoils at the violent Scottish rebellion and the bleak plight of orphans. After losing her betrothed in the conflict, she sets her course to become a nun, sheltering innocent victims from the cruelties of war. But when Brandon arrives at the abbey, he shakes her convictions and stirs provoking emotions she buried long ago.

She has a hard time reconciling her desire for peace and Brandon’s desire for revenge. Her former betrothed’s pacifism was diametrically opposed to Brandon’s violent traits.

However, Brandon possesses admirable characteristics Elsbeth cannot overlook. It would be hard not to take note of his handsome, rugged demeanor. His men admire his strength and leadership, and he is a ruthless warrior whose mere presence commands respect. But he is also honest, caring, and patient. He places others’ safety and concerns before his own.

After English soldiers murder his family, Brandon seeks revenge and leads numerous clans in Scotland’s fight for freedom. Bent on the annihilation of English oppression, he is resolved to a life of solitude, vowing never to marry and chance the pain of losing loved ones again. 

Elsbeth realizes not only children are affected by war, but stalwart warriors are also hurt and abandoned. She longs to heal Brandon’s spirit, help him live again, and prays she can reach him before the damage already done has set in stone.

Oh, love the cover. Would you please share an excerpt from ELSBETH?

In this scene, Brandon McLeod and his men have arrived at the abbey to escort the sisters to safety.

A loud bang sounded outside.

Elsbeth jumped from the bench and spun toward the solar door. That was the courtyard gate. Who would arrive at this time of night in a blizzard?

An insistent knock rattled the heavy front door. The urgent noise reverberated down the corridor. She eased from the solar. Legs shaking, she hurried across the hall and peeked out the small window overlooking the abbey courtyard. Her gaze swept the interior walls. Dense snowfall hid any sign of intruders. Nothing appeared out of the ordinary.

Someone beat the dark wood again. If a traveler trapped in the storm sought shelter, she couldn’t deny sanctuary and leave them in the fierce squall. With a deep breath, she shoved the iron bolt to the right and eased open the door.

A gust of wind buffeted the heavy door and shoved it against her body. The turbulent storm swirled a blanket of snow, and stinging ice crystals pelted her eyes. She held up a hand to shield her face and squinted into the courtyard.

Large men shrouded in darkness appeared just beyond the landing. One man stepped forward. His fur-cloaked shoulders spanned the width of the door, and his piercing dark eyes peered over a thick woolen cloth wrapped around his face. He pushed the hood from his head. Snow and ice covered him from his shaggy hair to his rugged boots, and the hilt of a sword protruded over his back, another dangling from his hip.

He’s a warrior.

Familiar resentment bubbled into her throat, and she choked on the bitter taste.
As he advanced, his gloved hand tugged the cloth from his face. Her breath caught at his intense scrutiny, his commanding presence. An overwhelming urge to slam and bolt the door nearly overcame her, but her feet remained rooted to the spot.

“Sister, there’s not much time,” his deep voice resounded. “Yer life is in danger. Ye must flee.”

Thanks so much for being here today and congratulations!!

Where can readers find you?

I love to hear from readers! Here is my email address: mcfarland.lane@gmail.com
Website:  http://lanemcfarland.com
FaceBook:  https://www.facebook.com/LaneMcFarlandAuthor
Twitter:  @LaneMcFarland

Where can readers find your books? Here is my author page. You’ll find my books listed here.

Thank you for having me!


  1. Thank you for having me on your lovely website, Barbara! I'm very excited about releasing Elsbeth and really appreciate your support.

    1. Lane, I am so glad you're here today, and so happy to see Elsbeth's story at last. All four daughters, now accounted for in their HEAs. Can't wait to see what's next!

  2. Wheee! New author to me & the book sounds wonderful. The cover is beautiful. Very different from what one typically sees on hist-rom covers, so very nice!

    1. Thank you so much, Linda! It's very nice to meet you. I appreciate you stopping by!

    2. Welcome Linda. Lane's books are terrific. You'll enjoy all of them--and all the covers are lovely. This one is a favorite of mine, though. Glad you came by.

  3. Great interview! Your covers are always awesome! Can't wait for your story to come out, sounds fabulous!

    1. Thank you, Cathy! I appreciate your support. :-)

    2. Thanks for being here Cathy. I can't wait for the book, either. Doesn't it look great?

  4. Replies
    1. Thank you, Collette. I love the cover too. LOL!!! I appreciate you visiting. :-)

    2. Hi Collette. Thanks for stopping by. I agree, Elsbeth's cover is wonderful!

  5. The cover is STUNNING and the story sounds intriguing. This is a new author for me. Thanks for the post and thank you, Collette Cameron, for the tweet or I would not have found this.

    1. BTW, I go by my first name - Joy.

    2. It is so nice to meet you Joy! Thank you for stopping by! If you get a chance to read my books, I hope you will enjoy them. I have had a wonderful time writing them. :-)

  6. Hi Joy, I'll doubly thank Collette for the tweet and welcome! You won't go wrong with any of Lane's books!

  7. Oh my gosh! I can't wait to read this! Sounds SO great!!!

    1. Doesn't It? You won't be disappointed, Red!!