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Sail Away on A BLOODY GOOD CRUISE With Diana Rubino

 Welcome to the Book Corner today, Diana. I'm really looking forward to your latest. Of course, I already enjoy your historical tales! How did you come up with the the concept of A BLOODY GOOD CRUISE?

Hi Barbara. Glad to be here. There is a special story behind this book. 
 I wanted to combine Italian vampires, comedy and cruising in one package, so I hopped on my imaginary ship The Romanza to get my characters in all kinds of trouble.

 I envisioned the hero, Fausto, as actor Vincent Irizarry (Dr. Hayward on All My Children). That made my job so much easier. He is THE perfect vampire. Italian vampires and hunters (the Vampire Ball Busters) leave the field wide open for comic relief, and I had plenty of chances in this story. Since I'm hooked on cruising and I'm Italian, I didn't need to do that much research.

I met an Italian woman named Fausta in 1983 and always loved that name--I always planned to use that name in one of my books someday. I finally got the chance with the hero Fausto, close enough!

Vincent Irizarry
My very first cruise was on the Eastern Mediterranean, beginning in Rome and ending in Istanbul. The ports of call included Rhodes, Cyprus, Santorini, and Egypt. Because I love Italy and cruising, I wanted to combine those passions with a humorous story about vampires and how they face prejudice in the human world. 


A BLOODY GOOD CRUISE is a fun-filled blend of the vampire world and luxury cruises.

Romance writer Mona Rossi's book sales are slipping. She needs new ideas and fast! Her vampire love, Fausto Silvius is a doctor aboard the Romanza, a luxury cruise ship. Holding a "Motion on the Ocean" writer's cruise sounds like a great idea. What better way to combine a career boost with romance? But they soon discover hunters on board who give chase to Fausto and his fellow vampires. While he longs to bring Mona into his world, how can he convince her to join him with fringe lunatics on the hunt? In the prime of her life she's not sticking her neck out for a shot at eternity. 

Love the name Fausto! Please give us a taste of the story.


Mona forced a dose of cheer through her jangly nerves. Vampire hunters wouldn’t have the balls to attack Fausto and his friends on this ship. Security was tight. “Well, you’re here, so does that mean you’ve been going out, and aren’t confined to your house any more?”
Fausto shrugged. “Almost. I couldn’t wallow in self-pity forever. And I knew seeing you would make it worthwhile.”
She smiled and gave him a genuine Italian cheek pinch. “I’ll cheer you up, faccia bella, you can count on that. You must feel safe.” She gestured at the tacky duds. “I mean, relatively speaking.”  
“Don’t let this scare you, but –” He glanced around over the rims of his shades. Uh-oh. Whenever he said “don’t let this scare you,” it scared her. “I got an ominous message at the doctor’s office earlier.”
“What—” She swallowed a lump. “What kind of ominous message?”
He looked away, shaking his head. “Nothing to get alarmed about. The hunters just want me to know they’re here. After the initial jolt wore off, I said, ‘okay, I’m being stalked again.’ But I’m used to it. It doesn’t make me constantly look over my shoulder like in the old days. My family’s murder gave me a reality check. If they want me, they’ll get me. I can’t let it interfere with my work, or what little leisure time I have here. And you shouldn’t either.” He gazed at her adoringly and cupped her cheek. His hand was surprisingly warm. “But you’re still scared. All the blood’s drained out of your face, and not in a good way."

 I can't wait to read this! Tell us about yourself.  
         My passion for history and travel has taken me to every locale of my stories, set in Medieval and Renaissance England, Egypt, the Mediterranean, colonial Virginia, New England, and New York. My urban fantasy romance, FAKIN IT, won a Top Pick award from Romantic Times. I’m a member of Romance Writers of America, the Richard III Society and the Aaron Burr Association. I live on Cape Cod with my husband Chris. In my spare time, I bicycle, golf, play my piano and devour books of any genre. 

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Thanks so much for visiting today, Diana. Please come back again soon.


  1. Hi Diana. So glad you're here today. I agree, I'd be inspired by that actor's photo. :) Best of luck with the release.

  2. What a fun concept :-) Congrats on the release!

    1. And I love that title, too. Thanks, Alanna.

  3. Thanks, Barbara and Alanna, it's great to be here!

  4. Diana, cute guy!!! Can see why you're so inspired. I'm all for dark and handsome. LOL Loved your excerpt and think a cruise is a perfect place to have as a background for a thriller, especially a stalker one.

    1. I've never been on a cruise, Hebby, but with a hero like this, I could reconsider ;) Glad you stopped by.

    2. The idea hit me like lightning. I didn't envision Vincent til after long after I finished it! Diana

  5. The following is from Larry Farmer, whose post didn't take. I'm resubmitting it here.

    All these vampire and such stories out now and I just met an author.
    enjoyed your interview. interesting about the name. i was in Italy in
    mid-seventies and on a train to Naples and there was this dazzling girl
    standing next to me waiting to get off. She was Sicilian and everything
    that implies and her expressionless father standing next to her. all i
    could do was fantasize. you at least got a name out of yours and a hero
    named such. there you go.

    Larry Farmer |

  6. Thanks for that anecdote, Larry. Got a chuckle out of that! Diana