Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Writers Wednesday: Free Book for Everyone from Brenda Whiteside

 I’m happy to welcome fellow Wild Rose Press author, Brenda Whiteside, who comes bearing gifts for all. Her book AMANDA IN THE SUMMER was released August 27 exclusively on Amazon for three months before the worldwide release in December. And the Good News?? –AMANDA IN THE SUMMER is FREE on Amazon Today. 

So after you comment, click over to Amazon and help yourself to a free read. http://tinyurl.com/mb5cwly

Thank you so much for having me, Barbara. Yes, it’s FREE. Amanda in the Summer is a warm-your-heart short read.

I already have my copy and I can’t wait to read it, Brenda. Please tell us a little about the book.
AMANDA IN THE SUMMER is a story of friendship that spans fifty-seven years and is told through letters written from three generations of Amandas to their friend Tilly. The first letter is dated August 5, 1947 and is written from Amanda to her dearest friend Tilly. Amanda’s daughter and granddaughter also write letters to Tilly over the years from the family beach house. Through these letters, we come to know Tilly and in the end a secret.

Here’s the blurb:
Three generations of women…and the secret that strengthens their love.

A line of women, all named Amanda, stretches back for generations. Each with her hopes, her joys, her pain—each pouring out her heart in correspondence with a dear family friend who shares their lives, understands their loves, and joins in their sorrows.

But within the correspondence lies a secret. And as the youngest of the Amandas retraces the journey through the years—beginning in post-war America and following through to modern day—the letters reveal, layer by layer, the Amandas who came before her. Soon, the truths and lies hidden in the letters lead her down a path of self-discovery that forges a bond between her past and future.

This sounds like such an intriguing idea, Brenda. What drew you to this story? 

The title came first, accidentally. A folded wedding invitation formed the words, Amanda in the Summer. It sounded so whimsical and dated. Why I chose to tell the story in letterform, I must admit I’ve totally forgotten. But I love the 1940’s and it started there.

Would you share an excerpt?

I’d love to!

August 24, 1968

Dear Tilly,

A few days of bliss with no one to talk to but the seagulls. I have you to thank for this. I’m so glad you popped back after Amanda, Robert, and Mother left. The strain I put on all of us while you were here would’ve dragged on for who knows how long if you hadn’t returned. Once again, Tilly, you read the tea leaves and righted things.

My moods have been so ragged of late. Jealousy of all things. Jealous that you could talk to my daughter, get along so lovely with her, which I’ve had difficulty doing these last few months. Jealous of your longer running friendship with Robert than with me. I’m not sure if I was jealous of him or you. You’re both mine. And angry that the two of you are uncomfortable around
each other after so many years and not making sense of that. When Robert left, I tried to give him the blue swimsuit you had left behind and asked him to drop in on you to return it. He said no, I could do it when I got back. This was so unlike him and did more to unsettle me...

Oh, this gives us a big hint of some of the pain and heartache you mentioned. It must have been touching to have created such sensitive and intimate tale of friendship. What’s your next project?

I’ve just contracted with The Wild Rose Press for the first book in a three book series I call the Love and Murder series entitled THE ART OF LOVE AND MURDER. I’m working on those edits but also finishing up the next book, SOUTHWEST OF LOVE AND MURDER.

You’re doing both at once? Can you please give some pointers? LOL. Other than that major technique, what one tip would you offer writers?

Write every day, even if it’s for fifteen minutes. It doesn’t matter if it’s on your current project, a poem or disjointed notes – just write.

Great tip, Brenda. So important to commit to the craft. Thanks so much for being here today, and best of luck with the release. I hope you’ll come back and tell us about THE ART OF LOVE AND MURDER.

Thank you, Barbara. One more plug for a free download of AMANDA IN THE SUMMER!

Visit Brenda at www.brendawhiteside.com.
She blogs on the 9th and 24th of every month at http://rosesofprose.blogspot.com
She blogs about prairie life and writing at http://brendawhiteside.blogspot.com/


  1. Welcome, Brenda. I'm so intrigued by the concept of your story. I can't wait to read it. Best of luck!

    1. Thank you, Barbara. What an eye pleasing blog you have. So happy to be here.

  2. I've downloaded your book and hope to start it soon! Thanks for the reminder to write every day - excellent discipline.

    1. I'm so happy to hear that, Ashantay. Hope you enjoy and keep writing!

    2. I agree, Ashantay, writing every day is important. Now if I could just do it! Glad to see you here.

  3. The books sounds intriguing and I like the idea of a little different format. Planning to read it. Good luck!

    1. Thanks, Judy. I had a lot of fun writing all those letters.

    2. Hi Judy. I was intrigued by the letter format, too. That's not used often these days and it seems like a great touch.

  4. It's dark thirty so I'm signing off. Thank you, Barbara for having me!

  5. Love the idea, Brenda. I think it's wonderful whenever a writer can find a different spin on things or a different way of presenting the same story.