Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Writers Wednesday: Catrina Barton

Today I’m happy to welcome a young mother and writer, Catrina Barton. Hi Catrina. Please tell us a little about your book, a YA paranormal.

I'm currently working to finish my first full length novel DANGEROUS TEMPTATION. Here is the blurb: Seventeen year-old Kaitlin Sinclair's world is turned upside down when she moves to Indonesia, and discovers the secrets that threaten the existence of the enchanting Cadmon and his people. She dives into a foreign culture, full of mystique and dangers everywhere she turns, where keeping her heart safe might prove as impossible as staying alive!
This genre is hugely popular right now.What draws you to it?

I have always been fascinated by shape shifters, ever since I was knee high. I've recently gotten into YA, because they are quick, easy, fun reads.

Would you share an excerpt?

Love to. Here you go:
“So, this is where you’ve been.”
“Katie!” Payne’s startled eyes opened and he sent her a sheepish look, as he tried to push the pouty girl away.
“What the hell do you think you’re doing?” She crossed her arms over her chest.
“It’s not what it looks like.” He pulled the blonde’s arms off his neck as a flush crept across his cheeks.

“Oh? Because it looked like you shoved your tongue down her throat.” She glared at the blonde in her tight top. “Get out of my face, Janice!” Kaitlin glared until the cheerleader’s eyes widened and she scurried off like a frightened mouse.
Her glare settled on Payne, who rubbed the back of his neck and stared at the ground, with the tips of his ears red.

“I didn’t want to, Katie, honest.” His eyes rose to her and he put on his apologetic look, the one that usually made her melt.

She gave a derisive snort and angled her body away from him.

“She forced herself on me.” He pushed off the wall, and moved towards her.

“She’s a cheerleader. You’re a quarterback. Don’t give me that bullshit!” Her hands balled into fists at her sides. If I wasn’t one warning away from suspension, I'd go kick her ass! She shot him her fiercest glare, with one hand on her hip. It always sent their classmates scurrying out of her way.“We’re supposed to be dating exclusively, or so I thought.”

"We are.” He took another daring step toward her. “Honestly, Katie,” he wrapped his arms around her waist. “I’d never do anything to hurt you.” His voice sounded so sincere.

She closed her eyes and inhaled slow, deep breaths as she tried to reign in her temper.

She blinked when his lips pressed against hers and his tongue entered her mouth. Oh no he didn’t! She bit down.

He pulled away, tongue bleeding. “What the hell?”

Her hand connected with his cheek. “How dare you think you can stick that in me after it’s been in someone else’s mouth?” She flexed and un-flexed her hand, fighting the urge to sock him in the jaw.

“Calm down, Kaitlin.” He grabbed her by the upper arms, fingers biting into the flesh.

"I'll show you calm," she drove her knee up between his legs. His fingers loosened before he fell forward, writhing on the ground.
He won’t be using that anytime soon. That thought brought her little comfort as she stormed away and climbed into her pickup. She gunned the engine and squealed the tires as she took off to the store.

This sounds great. A guaranteed exciting read.What’s your next project?

I have big plans for another book in the Caspians Series. DANGEROUS TEMPTATION is just the first book.

What one tip would you offer writers?

Don't fret the bad reviews. Learn from your mistakes and improve your craft. it will make your next book much better.
How do your stories ‘come to you’ at first--characters, setting, story line?

It depends on the story The Caspians novels have been in my mind since I was a kid. Figuring out the characters was hard, because I needed just the right balance between them, while keeping them realistic.

Is there a special place you like to write?

Alone, surrounded by nature, but most times it's at my desk.
Wouldn't it be great to have a lovely office beneath a huge weeping willow tree beside a stream? As it stands now, though, do you have challenges with finding writing time?

Balancing being a wife, mother, Kung Fu Instructor and writer can be tough. But if you want something bad enough, you have to make time for it.

Kung Fu instructor? Wow. Good luck with DANGEROUS TEMPTATION and the rest of the Caspian series. And thanks so much for being here today. I hope you’ll come back again.

Thanks for having me visit.
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  1. Hi Catrina and welcome to the blog.Your story sounds wonderful. Best of luck with. Come back when it's out and we can buy it. LOL

  2. Thanks for letting me visit today, Barbara. :)

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    1. Hi Allie. It does sound good, doesn't it. How's your own new one coming??? Thanks for stopping by.

    2. Thanks Allison. :)

  4. Sounds interesting. Good luck with it.

    1. Wanda, Good to see you here. I agree that Kitty's story sounds interesting. I hope you're coming right along with yours, too. See you (and Allie) soon, too. LOL

    2. Hi Wanda, thanks. Good luck with your story. :)

  5. Hi Catrina - Your story sounds interesting - Best of luck!

    1. Hello Lacey. Thank you very much. :)

  6. Catrina, It's great to meet you and hear about your great book. And you are at a great time of life to get your writing career going. I can see the passion in your writing. Best of luck with it.

    1. Hi Diane. Thanks. I'm glad my passion shows through in the writing.

      It's a pleasure to meet you as well. :)

  7. Wow, Catrina! I'm always impressed with someone who's determined enough to master some kind of martial arts. It demonstrates a focus and strength of purpose that'll serve you well in your writing career.

    1. Hi Mia. I love the physical exercise, family togetherness, and discipline Martial Arts offers. Being able to defend myself is just a bonus. :)

  8. Awesome excerpt. The heroine sounds strong. Nice to meet you, Catrina.

    1. Hello Cherie. She's strong in her own way. Great meeting you. :)