Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Writers' Wednesday Welcomes Noelle Pierce

I’m so glad Noelle Pierce is here today. She's a new Angel on the Ass Cheek Angel blog. Glad you could stop by Noelle.

I'm happy to be here!

Tell us about what you're working on. I understand you've done a series of historicals?

The Constellation Series are a set of romance novels and novellas set in the Regency period, and they're inspired by the constellations.

I’m a fan of Regencies, too. What draws you to this era?

I love the Regency period—the wit, the fashions, and the culture make it my trifecta. Historical romance was the first romance I'd ever read (and I read it almost exclusively), so it was natural to write in that genre. It's ingrained in me, including speech patterns. My contemporary characters have even been known to have a Regency "voice."

I like that your contemporary characters have that Regency voice. Usually we historical writers have the opposite problem. Your stories sound intriguing, Noelle. Please tell us a little about them.

I've always loved the night sky, and the constellations are some of my favorite things to stare at. I started looking up the stories behind their names and the ideas wouldn't stop forming in my mind. I have four total, in various stages of writing and editing right now, and hope to find a good home for them in the next year.

How long have you been writing?

I started writing in 2009, after a story idea wouldn't leave me alone. During a drive to the Tennessee mountains, I told my husband about it and he encouraged me to write it down. Since then, few days have passed when I haven't been typing out something fictional.

Four total stories in three years? I’m impressed with the speed you can write. Your fans will love it too. I always want my favorite authors to produce more--quickly. What’s your next project?

I've put the historicals on hold after dreaming about an awesome paranormal romance story. Basically, the fate of humanity is in the hands of a woman who doesn't particularly like people and doesn't want to save them. A (sexy) water elemental has to convince her otherwise, while keeping rogue elementals from killing her. I'm almost done with the rewrites (yay!).

Hummm. Someone who doesn't like humans asked to save them. Interesting concept. So--do you have spare time?

Outside of writing, I also do freelance graphic design. I've designed book covers, blog/website headers, and photo-manipulations. You can see the commercial items at my Flickr site. My website was also designed (graphics included) by me. It's a fun outlet when the words aren't coming.

Good grief. You have enormous energy. What one tip would you offer writers?

Read! Especially read books by authors who write better than you, so you can learn.

I love that advice. Just think. We can read as much as we like and call it--research.Thanks, again, for joining us today.

My pleasure, and thank you for having me.

You can visit Noelle at the sites below.


  1. Hi Noelle,
    Thanks for stopping by today. I loved interviewing you, even though your speed of writing made me weep. LOL

    Good luck with finding homes for your stories. Come back when you do and let us know where to find them all.

  2. Great post, ladies!
    Hi Noelle. Loved getting to know you better:) Now I'm off to check out your website!

  3. Great interview! I love that your DH is so supportive of your writing efforts. Wishing you all the best, girlfriend :) xo

  4. Thanks guys! And thank you, Barbara, for having me! It was a lot of fun. (As far as the speed of my writing, it helps that I work part-time from home. :D)

  5. Hey Noelle! Great picture and lovely interview. Glad to have learned more about you.

  6. I'm impressed with 4 books in 2 years, but I'm even more impressed that you just sat down, wrote one, sent it off, & it's published. Wow. Write while the muse it hot. lol. Can't wait to check them out.
    Diana Locke

  7. Hey Noelle, it's great to be able to write fast isn't it? I'm the same way. It's obviously your passion and it shows in your writing. Loved the book I won! :D
    Great interview Barb and Noelle!