Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Writers' Wednesday Welcomes Tracy Garrett

Welcome to Writers’ Wednesday, where writers tell us a little about themselves and offer a writing tip. Today, I’m happy to welcome historical Western author--and musician--Tracy Garrett.

Tracy’s an award-winning multi-published author, who says she always loved to disappear into the worlds created within the pages of a book. An accomplished musician, she merged her need for creativity, her love of history, and her passion for reading when she began writing western historical romance. An active member of Romance Writers of America, Ozarks Romance Authors, and Dallas Area Romance Authors, Tracy now resides in Missouri with her husband and their fuzzy pal, Wrigley.

Hi Tracy. Thanks for being here. Tell us about your current story.

It’s set in the panhandle of Texas in 1890. The hero is Wolf, who appeared in my debut western, TOUCH OF TEXAS. By far, his story has been the most requested by readers.

This is your third Western. What draws you to this era?

I grew up watching all the old westerns, both movies and television series. I think Little Joe Cartright was my first serious crush. lol I’ve always loved reading westerns, and I’m a John Wayne addict.

Little Joe was definitely ‘crushable.’ I really miss the Westerns that used to run on television. As for Wolf, I remember him from TOUCH OF TEXAS and I’m glad he’s getting his own story. What do you plan for your next project?

Once I type The End on Wolf and his lady love, I have two more character in that series that are waiting in the wings. And I’m working on a contemporary series--still set in Texas--and a young adult project. Plenty to keep me busy.

With two published books behind you, what one tip would you offer writers?

Write every day, even if it’s only a few lines. I got out of the habit and my productivity suffered. Now that I’ve reset that goal, I’m making good progress--and the ideas are flowing again.

That’s a great suggestion. Even if what’s produced at that time needs revision, it’s important to get something down every day. I try, but don’t always make it. Thanks, again, for joining us today, Tracy.

It was my pleasure. Thank you for inviting me!

Be sure to visit Tracy and the rest of the Fillies at Petticoats & Pistols at
http://www.petticoataandpistols.com/, a blog dedicated to all things western.

Tracy Garrett


Touch of Texas

Touched by Love


  1. Aha, Tracy--my favorite genres are stories of the West. Like you, I love a good Western with the iconic cowboys, i.e. John Wayne, Jimmy Stewart, etc. My problem in writing YA Historical Fiction is that I get intrigued with what I learn in the research and catch myself reading when I should be writing. :-) Even my muse chides me--it has soooooo many stories to share.

    Congratulations on your books--I wish you continued success! Thanks for visiting with us and sharing your thoughts.

  2. Yay! So glad to hear you're writing more historical western :)
    Good writing advice! Like Barb I find it hard to do, but I'm trying.
    Good post, ladies. Best wishes with all your writing.

  3. Hi Palooski65, I love research. Google is NOT my friend when I'm trying to get words on the page. Thanks for stopping by.

  4. Hi Jennifer! Writing every day is harder than it sounds, I know. But it helps me get ideas flowing and reminds me that writing is a priority. It doesn't matter if they're "good" words--just write.

  5. So glad to have you here today, Tracy. I hope the tale of Wolf is coming along. I can't wait to read it.

  6. Jennifer and Ginny, happy to see you two historical Western writers. I agree that it's so hard to write every day, but Tracy's got a good point. Even if it's incoherent, something's down. What does Nora Roberts say?--You can edit "junk" but you can't edit a blank page.

  7. Tracy,

    Great advice. I think about writing everyday, does that count? :)

    Good luck on your new book.


  8. Thanks, Tracy, for sharing with us. I always loved a good Western - used to run home to watch reruns of The Rifleman. I'll have to dig out the western I wrote early on and see what I can do with it.

  9. Hi Tracy. Thanks for stopping by Barbara's today. It was a treat to read your interview. I do agree writing every day is important. Right now I'm caught up on non-fiction. MUST get back to the fiction :-) But I'm writing. hehe I think I'll need to look for Touch of Texas. I want to write a historical western. Just need to finish a couple other things first.

  10. Sorry, Lisa, but that doesn't count. lol Thanks for the good wishes!

  11. Tessa, I loved The Rifleman. The Virginian, too. I didn't know you were "one of us". Maybe you can find a home for that western now.

  12. Writing is writing, Angela. If non-fiction trips your trigger, go for it. :)

  13. I enjoyed your post, Tracy. I, too, had a crush on Little Joe. :) I loved Bonanza. I think the success of the True Grit movie remake is making westerns hot again, don't you? Good luck to you.

    I've never written a western but might add that to my to-do list someday. I have plenty on my plate for now, though, as does everyone.