Saturday, February 26, 2011

Wonderful News

It's been too long since I launched my blog and website and first posted. And although I haven't managed to make it back since, that will change. And to celebrate, I have great and wonderful news.

First, my terrific critique partner, Jennifer Jakes, has released her first book. She celebrated the 'official' day yesterday, but those of us who pre-ordered her smokin' hot Western historical romance received it a few days earlier. Rafe's Redemption is published by Wild Rose Press. Visit her at

Jennifer was a Golden Heart Finalist in 2010 with Rafe's Redemption. I'm thrilled for her and I know it's just the first of many. Actually, it is. She's at work right now on her second novel, as well as a novella. Can't wait, my friend.

Second, another terrific critique partner, Kaye Calkins, has had a sweet Regency accepted by Avalon. More on that when further news is available. The sequel to Deverell's Dilemma is nearly finished, as well.

And yet another terrific critique partner, Cecily Cornelius-White, tied for First Place in the YA category in the 2011 Emily Contest. The Emily Contest is sponsored by the West Houston RWA Chapter, which puts on a dandy recongition ceremony for its finalists. And runs a mighty fine contest, too.

More great news. Another Missouri RWA (MORWA) chapter mate, Kimberly Killion, scored both First and Third places in the Emily for her erotic entries. Both have been picked up by Ellora's Cave.

And last, I was lucky enough to place second in the historical category of the 2011 Emily with my medieval romance, The Black Dagger. Although that title may be undergoing a change. The judging agent observed that it didn't adequately reflect the romance element of the story. Others have agreed. So I'm in search of a new title for Stephen and Evie's story. That will be a real effort, because I've alway been terrible at headlines-which is what titles are. (Any ideas? Send them along.)

I want to congratulate everyone who finaled in the Emily. And I want to thank everyone who judged. It takes time and effort to return a thoughtful and considered 'critique' on a contest entry. Those of us waiting with studied (read that 'fake') nonchalance appreciate helpful comments.

Oh, one last thing. As my sig line recognizes Heroes to Live For, let's give a nod to Gannicus, who won his freedom in last night's final episode. I, for one, was 'mighty' pleased.

Thank you all for checking in. See you next week.


  1. Wow! Lots of great news! I don't know your story or characters, so I can't really suggest any titles, but using an adjective like "dark" or "wicked" always seems to invoke that sexual tension from cover to cover. Meh, just a thought.

    Congrats on the contest placement!


  2. Hi Barb!! Yay!! You're blogging:)
    Hmmm. A new title for Stephen and Evie. I'll put my thinking cap on. LOL
    Thanks for all your support, my friend!

  3. Barb, cool site! Love the graphics! And I would love to help with your title situation. Can you give me a brief synopsis, or where can I find that, then that might help my 'thinking' process as I try to find you a new title...

    Oh, and I saw only a few minutes of SPARTACUS last night, missed the ending, I was at a wedding but I'm sure I will see MANY repeats of last nights perfomance with THE MAN, as I call him!


  4. Barb,

    Okay, I found your website and the synopsis's of your books...

    These are what I'm thinking of when I read your synopsis for THE BLACK DAGGER

    1. My Passionate Revenge
    2. Beloved Revenge
    3. My Tempting Revenge
    4. Temptation's Prison
    5. By Divine Revenge
    6. Vengeful Temptation

    Wow, didn't realize how "boddice ripper" these sounded til I typed them! I wanted to keep ties to the story though with these titles. So I played on his vengeance for what happened in the past and her temptation b/c she wants him so bad.

    Hope this gets your brain into "new title" gear, so that you can find what you're looking for.


  5. Hi Barb,

    Such great news! Trish has really good suggestions for the title. I like My Tempting Revenge, or maybe just Tempting Revenge? Good luck!

    Congrats on the contest!

  6. Oh, my gosh, Sherry, Trish and Elke,great ideas for titles. Trish thank you for popping over to read the first chapter, which, by the way, I'm revising. (Oh, the pain.)

    Thank you all for being here!!! Hugs.

  7. Hey Barb, the blog looks fabulous! Great job with it and congratulations to all the talented writers for their achievements. Thanks for sharing with us, sweetie.

    JD :)

  8. Barbara,
    I like:
    Love and Vengence

    Congratulations to all the authors winning these contests.